guest rooms

The Inn at Langley has sixteen guestrooms and six corner guestrooms, each a generous 400 square feet in size. Your guestroom features a 180-degree view of Saratoga Passage, and a large outdoor porch-style balcony. Enjoy your jetted tub and wood-burning fireplace. Have sweet dreams in the queen bed with European down-filled duvet.

Rooms 10 to 16 are two levels downstairs from street level, closest to the water with covered balconies.
Rooms 20 to 26 are one level downstairs from street level with open balconies.
Rooms 30 to 36 are level to the parking area at street level with covered balconies.
Rooms 40 to 46 are one level up from street level and our highest floor.

Please note we do not have an elevator at the Inn, the staff are more than happy to assist you with your bags up or down the stairs as requested.