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Wellness Retreats

Are you in need of a place of quiet beauty where you can retreat to focus on your health and well-being? The Inn at Langley invites you to experience the natural beauty and healing energy of Whidbey Island through its new program, the Wellness Retreat presented through The Spa. These four-day retreats (Monday through Thursday only) offer a guided, individualized program that will include experiences for body, mind and spirit, and give you access to the incredible reservoir of artists, teachers and healers that reside here.

You’ll spend three nights in a gorgeous, waterfront room overlooking the Saratoga Passage; enjoy our wonderful breakfasts, gourmet lunches, and a healing treatment each day from The Spa’s new ‘ila’ line. The Inn at Langley is proud to be the first spa in the Northwest to offer ila treatments. ila is a beautiful and very exclusive product line that is based on Ayurveda and yogic principles and is popular in Asia and Europe, but is just making its way to the U.S. The purpose of all ila treatments is to create and hold a healing space in which guests are able to reconnect to their essential selves and true source of healing. By using pure, organic ingredients and time honored techniques that address body, mind and spirit, along with highly skilled, aware and loving therapists; the ila treatments are able to facilitate deeply healing experiences for guests.

After your initial consultation to create a program specifically designed to fit your needs, three treatments will be chosen from the new additions to our spa menu. These include a Kundalini Back Treatment, Himalayan Salt Scrubs for energizing and detoxifying or for a blissful experience, the Bio-Energy Mud Wrap, the Manipura Full Body Treatment, or the Bio Rhythms Treatment. You will also have access to local beaches, forest walks, local yoga classes, and your choice of a private session with one of South Whidbey’s fabulous artists, healers or teachers in the areas of Meditation, the Creative Process, Dream Work, Poetry, Yoga, Pilates, Nutritional Counseling, Sound Massage, Qigong, Reiki, or EFT.

Your experience will be guided by Marilyn Strong, Spa Director, who has 30 years’ experience leading spiritual growth groups and working with individuals on the integration of body, mind and spirit. Cost: Single Occupancy $1,200, Double Occupancy $2,200. Please email Marilyn at , or call 360-221-3033, ext. 2 for more information.

Explore examples of two itineraries, or customize your own!
Grounding, Nurturing, Restoring
Rejuvenating, Energizing, Detoxifying

A Women’s Seasonal Wellness Retreat Series
A Trio of Mid-Week Retreats for the Coming Year:

Fall 2016, Winter and Spring 2017
Participate in one, or all three for a special price.

Retreating and reflecting is as important as accomplishing and engaging with the world. If we do not honor the basic, intrinsic cycle of in-breath as well as out-breath, we may lose the sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. In addition to offering our on-going Wellness Retreats, Spa Director Marilyn Strong has crafted a seasonal retreat series created especially for women. With themes fitting the flow of the seasons (Fall: Dreams and Letting Go, Winter: Spirit and Inner Listening, and Spring: Vision and Renewal) and using the same Wellness Retreat mid-week time-frame of three days and four nights, she has woven together guided experiences to help you consciously withdraw from your ordinary life and replenish your inner world.

Through intention-setting, guidance and consultation, spa rituals for renewal and restoration, and the opportunity for silence, solitude, creativity and ceremony; a container will be created for you to be held by the magic and mystery that is present in the liminal space “where the forest meets the sea”. Our trio of retreats set the stage for restorative, healing encounters where you can deeply listen and attune to nature and your truest, most authentic self; and where you can invite balance, contentment, health, and inner simplicity to reside in you. You may then return refreshed and renewed in body, mind and spirit.

Retreat One: Fall, Season of the Dream Time and Letting Go
Offered through December 2016

  • Focus: Dream work and Dream incubation, grief work.
  • Creative project: Creating a Dream journal
  • Consult with Marilyn Strong: an Embodied Imagination session working with a dream, memory or symptom
  • Spa Ritual: A Renewing Seaweed Body Scrub and a 60 minute massage with Sea flora’s Sea Silk oil
  • Ceremony of Letting Go

Retreat Two: Winter, Season of Spirit and Inner Listening
Offered January through March 2017

  • Focus: Reviving your inner life - spiritual direction, prayer and meditation
  • Creative project: Making a string of personal prayer beads
  • Consult: Introduction to the practices of Shamatha (“Calm-abiding”) and Vipashyana(“Insight”) Meditation with a local psychologist who is also a longtime meditation practitioner and dharma student. He is a meditation instructor in NalandaBodhi--a western dharma group founded by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher and Meditation Master.
  • Spa Ritual: ila’s Chakra Wellbeing
  • Ceremony of Sacred Listening

Retreat Three: Spring, Season of Vision and Renewal
Offered April through June 2017

  • Focus: Questing for a Vision
  • Creative project: Mask-Making
  • Consult: With a local artist who will help you open to a quiet place of visioning through a simple exercise that will enable you to discern images in a color wash, discover their deeper meaning and translate them into your mask–making project.
  • Spa Ritual: 90 minute Vitamin C Facial with Accutonics
  • Ceremony of Invocation

These retreats are designed as stand-alone experiences, but can also be experienced as a nine-month personal growth process. If you sign up for all three retreats, you not only get a price break but also “homework” that will help you incubate an on-going process as you return home. In this way you will have the opportunity to go deeper with each retreat. Price: $1,200 per retreat or $3,300 if you commit to all three. For more information or call Marilyn at 360-221-3033, ext. 2.

Integral Health & Wellness Program

The Spa at The Inn at Langley is excited to introduce a new way to take care of your well-being through our Integral Health & Wellness Program. Signing up for the program allows you to experience a treatment every month, (Monday through Friday) for 12 months at a special program price.

Additional benefits include:

  • Complimentary Sunday dinner for two at The Inn at Langley’s Restaurant (October – May). Watch as Chef Matt Costello prepares your multi-course dinner featuring Whidbey Island’s freshest seasonal fare.
  • 10% off all regularly priced skin care items.
  • Access to our private, complimentary steam room (by appointment).

Select Either:
Massage Program: One 60 minute Swedish/Relaxation massage per month. May upgrade to specialty massage or treatment for an additional charge.

Facial Program: One 60 minute Signature Sea Flora Facial per month. May upgrade to any facial on menu for an additional charge.

If you don’t use your program credit one month, you keep your unused services for any future month within your 12 month schedule. Services not used within the program term may be used within 60 days after program completion. Unused services will be forfeited after that time. Fee: $109/month, $1,308/year.